This is where it all started...twenty years ago when I had a dream to pull together women I knew from all walks of life.

I used to host an annual Christmas tea where I'd have 40-50 women gathered in my tiny home in Petaluma. Hearing the chatter from all these women that I knew from various journeys of my life all connecting, sharing, laughing, and marveling at the lives of one another brought me absolute joy.

Each time women would share with me how much they enjoyed meeting others that they normally would never cross paths with because their life circles were so different. And yet...they learned things from each other that they truly treasured.

Then I started thinking...dangerous I know...what if we could all get together for an entire weekend? Imagine how much we could learn from each other and how much fun we could have! And that's how my retreats started!

Each time I would select a different theme that suited my fancy and we all absolutely LOVED these special weekends. Alas, after ten years of doing this as a labor of love, I had to stop because I simply couldn't put the time into it.

Now...ten years later I'm thrilled to say I'M BACK!!! As I have since founded a speaker agency, putting on retreats can easily fall into a part of my business so here I am planning yet another retreat and I couldn't be happier!

The Deets...

So let me tell you a bit about what to expect and what to not expect...

We will spend two nights and three days having tremendous fun! Every retreat is different, but you can always count on the highly anticipated game night, tea, and our face-hurting because you laugh so much pajama party!

Our agenda varies but will include presentations from guest speakers who are part of our retreat.

In the past we've learned about dragonflies, breast cancer prevention, pilates, beekeeping with a honey tasting, hummingbirds, aromatherapy, a gluten-free life (before it was a common thing), Ironwoman marathons, making bath salts, women and heart health, self-defense, yoga, charity, the importance of humor, hearing stories of inspiration...perseverance...and triumph, and more...

The agenda hasn't been finalized but I can tell you it will start at 1pm on Friday, October 15th, and end at 2pm on Sunday, October 17th.

All meals are included as are linens. You will have the option of requesting who you would like to room with, but if not you will be assigned a roommate. There are a handful of single rooms that will be booked on a first-reserved basis and for a single supplement charge.

St. Dot's is a BEAUTIFUL retreat center amid 380 acres of redwoods in Camp Meeker (Occidental). This camp/retreat center was built 118 years ago! It's impossible to not feel the deep history when in this magnificent place.

It is NOT a Ritz-Carlton! This is NOT a luxury retreat. The rooms are comfortable and never in all my years has anyone complained about the facilities...however...it's important that you understand you are entering a 120-year old retreat center.

The food is fantastic!!!! They can accommodate vegetarian, gluten-free, and dairy-free diets, but anything more complicated may warrant you bringing your food.

You can anticipate approximately 60 women in attendance. This allows us to take over the entire retreat center which makes it magical because it's just US and a handful of staff in this heavenly place!

Rates and further details can be found on the registration page.

A lot of women have been anticipating the return of these retreats. After a ten-year hiatus, people are champing at the bit to sign up so I would highly recommend you do so ASAP if you would like to join us.

At each retreat, I have been blessed to have a different group of amazing women a part of this magical weekend. I hope you join our Flamingo Retreat in 2021.