~ Cheryl Wagner, Petaluma / Professional Clown, Author, and Photo Booth Company Owner

“I have never left one of Anastasia's retreats without feeling fully restored, renewed and rejuvenated. These weekends stand out as some of the most memorable times in my life, for so many reasons. There is something about being with a group of women, first of all, that almost defies explanation. Warmth, empathy, understanding, stimulation, unity, and so much laughter!

Anastasia puts together the most wonderful "schedule" of workshops, talks, and presentations with time and opportunity for quiet walks, naps, or one-on-one conversations. At night, the party is awesome! Games, dancing, snacks, face painting, improv...non-stop fun!

The retreat space offers great meals, a beautiful setting in the redwoods, and charming, comfortable rooms. This is a time for learning, creating, sharing and making new friends. And did I mention the laughing? A five-star experience, with quality and thoughtfulness in every detail."


~ Daniela Dobbins, Santa Rosa / Bookkeeper

"I have been attending these retreats for years.  I have remained close with the women that I crossed paths with on these retreats and have created a strong bond between us all.  I would highly recommend this experience as it is a great opportunity for self-reflection, personal growth and sharing ideas among women from all walks of life."


~Diane Wong, El Cerrito

“Wow, Anastasia’s retreats include some very interesting and incredible women. I’ve had the pleasure of attending all of her past retreats and have learned so much from the speakers as well as the other attendees.

It is an opportunity to meet others from all walks of life with some amazing experiences. We meet, share, laugh and sometimes cry and drink wine. The setting is rustic but beautiful. It is so peaceful.

I am glad to hear that she is bringing the retreats back! I am looking forward to it! Thanks, Stash!”


~ Gini (Roberts) Germany, Las Vegas / Independent Tour Director

Some people come into our lives and quickly go.
Some people stay for a while
and move our souls to dance.
They awaken us to a new understanding,
leave footprints on our hearts,
and we are never, ever the same.
- Flavia Weedn

“This quote sums up the many themed women’s retreats my dear friend Anastasia (Cha Cha to me) has tirelessly and lovingly orchestrated over the past two decades. I have traveled to every one of them. All six of them. The friendships they have sparked, renewed, and nurtured are to be cherished.

Fond memories of discussing a chosen book in front of a wood-burning fireplace, teas with proper teapots and cups, pajama parties with hula hoop contests and musical chairs, dancing, laughing, sipping wine, guest speakers like firefighter Susan Hagen who, along with investigative social worker Mary Carouba, wrote “Women at Ground Zero”, hearing other first-hand accounts from fellow ‘sisters’ - on breast cancer, diabetes, and heart disease, eating a spaghetti dinner in our posh frocks with our hands...well...Anastasia did provide us with gloves tied in a pretty little bow, quiet walks in the woods of St. Dorothy’s Rest, homemade pillow gifts and more.

It will have been 10 years since Cha Cha’s last retreat and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for us in August of 2020!! Hope to see many of my retreat sisters then!”


~ Jillian Smith, Ukiah

"I've attended every women's retreat that Anastasia has put on beginning with the Dragonfly retreat nearly 20 years ago through to the Snowflake retreat. I am thrilled she's starting them up again as her retreats were such a wonderful and special time.

I loved the laughter, fun, and spiritual uplifting that I received from the ladies. I appreciate that she always allowed me to host the special welcome tea.

I will always want to be part of the gathering of her beautiful retreats. It is a time of love, reflections, meeting amazing women, learning new ideas and being part of a very special moment in time."


~ Linda St. Andrew, Petaluma / Human Resources Technician

“Anastasia's women's retreats are the best! Set in a beautiful redwood forest in Camp Meeker, this retreat is a must for every woman that needs some downtime to both relax and socialize with fabulous and diverse women from all walks of life - we dance, play, learn about interesting subjects (like beekeeping), eat scrumptious food, play games, go hiking, and having just plain old fun (like pajama parties and hula hooping!!!!! ). You can be a participant or you can choose to just sit around the fireplace, read a book, and soak in the magic of the woods around you......

I've attended most of the retreats - starting with her very first one - Dragonflies - she always picks a fun theme - and you get to go home with lots of theme-filled goodies too! Highly recommended.”


~ Mara Yetter, Petaluma / Massage Therapist

“My memories go back to the original retreat, and I was fortunate to attend all but two events. The most significant thing about these wonderful weekends, for me, was the companionship.

I was fortunate to have a truly "insider's view" of how these retreats affected the participants, as the retreat massage therapist. My "craft" rose to the occasion as part of a healing integrative process. St. Dorothy's Rest provides a very relaxing atmosphere.”